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When the deck is stacked against you

Brian Stout, March 5th, 2019

Two weeks before my wedding, I was informed my job was being moved 600 miles away.

Two weeks! Talk about bad timing!

I had to decide right away if I was going to move or lose my marketing director role of six years for a $5B global organization.

What would you do in that situation? Would you even be willing or able to move your family across the country for a job?

It would probably depend on your financial situation and your family situation, right?

I was a hostage to both.

How about your present situation?

I could not make the move across country for the role, but I did not have a backup plan or job with a local company to fall back on.

I had to make a decision and take immediate action.

Is your back against the wall? Are you a hostage of your own circumstances?

The time to have a back-up plan is before you need one.

Am I wrong?

I had a lot less than 6 months of income (the amount most financial advisers recommend having in the bank for a rainy day). I was getting married in two weeks, and we were getting hit by a tornado of uncertainty.

I did not have resources, but I was resourceful. Like you.

Maybe you've wanted that "push" to get started with your own business. I did. Or maybe you are already there and just need more leads, sales, or traffic. We all need more attention from our audience.

I'd dreamed about building a business for myself using my marketing and sales background.

This was my nudge, right? More like whiplash from security to anxiety. Can you feel me?

I'd been planning this in my mind for a decade. This was GO-time!

Did I have the right stuff to make my dream a reality? Would my corporate success translate to a new startup?

I was shackled by those questions.

That was six years ago in 2013.

Tools like Click Funnels did not exist. You had to cobble a Wordpress blog/site together on your own. Never mind the lead capture plugins and third-party scripts that you were forced to use didn't really work on your site all the time.

The first company that I trusted with a business critical function was sending out blank emails to my customers and prospects for SIX whole months without my knowledge before it was discovered. I just thought I was terrible at email marketing and prospecting.

Turns out, I was just bad at selecting unproven technology. That is not something I've ever had to worry about with Click Funnels. There are over 75,000 active users today.

Those other guys almost cost me my business.

Had I been able to access Click Funnels, the community, and the guidance from other successful entrepreneurs like Russell Brunson, Steve Larsen, Julie Stoian, and SO many others back in 2013, my life and business would be dramatically different today.

They say, "entrepreneurship is the loneliest game on the planet." It doesn't have to be, but I was living that loneliness in 2013.

You have an INCREDIBLE advantage today over my first foray into business building.

Things like the sales and marketing tools from Click Funnels, community resources, pages, and groups, along with support that has now created over 500 entrepreneurs who are all funnel-made millionaires because of Click Funnels--over 270 in the last year.

That is just in the last couple of years. A million-dollar funnel is created once a day now--the question is could yours be next?

You are probably saying, "But, my situation is different." Click Funnels works for all types of businesses and markets.

How about this one? A healthcare, non-profit, selling to students at institutions funded by grants from states and government agencies? Is that different enough?

I used Click Funnels successfully in that situation to identify and sell software to my dream customers. Plus, I did not have a massive marketing budget with that one or an easy path to identify buyers. I paid for Click Funnels out of my own pocket the first year because I knew it worked and was worth every dollar.

It is the best entrepreneurial community on the planet. Not to mention home of the greatest sales & marketing event that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and your financial future!

Does that sound like fun?

How does a free ticket to the four day event sound? ($997 cost to attend)

You'd be good with that, right?

I'm on a mission to give out over 100 tickets to next year's event that is happening at the end of January 2020.

Interested? I hope you are. You're breathing right?

It is going to take action on your part.

Click below to get started and discover the 8 Barriers that may be holding you back from becoming funnel-made in the next 12 months to get started.

It's my gift to you to help you to break free from your current situation.

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